I, Fruitcake

Episode 71 – I, Fruitcake

We won’t even let Christmas stop us from getting you your weekly episode.  Merry Christmas, and in honor of the day—and one of...
bitcoin vs bitcoin cash

A conversation with Poncho Schmidt on the bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debate

A friend and contributor to this site, Poncho V. Schmidt, texted me the other day about the bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debate.  We ended...
Scott Adams tax cut

Scott Adams has a bad take on tax cuts

As an engineer, I’m a huge fan of the Dilbert cartoons and it was neat to see its creator, Scott Adams, rise in popularity...
bitcoin experts fools

The experts are making fools of themselves over bitcoin

As bitcoin’s price has risen, so has its popularity.  While many in the libertarian world have been aware and supportive of bitcoin for years...
is bitoin a Ponzi scheme

Episode 68 – Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

There has been a debate in the recent weeks between bitcoin supporters and Bitcoin Cash supporters.  Debate is fine and healthy, but one...
funding the American war machine

Funding the American war machine follows the doomed 1920s German model

As much as people like to believe that their versions of central planning are different from the previous failed attempts, history always has a...
bitcoin is political

Don’t kid yourself, bitcoin is political

Bitcoin was first popular among libertarian circles due to its usefulness in decentralizing the money system.  It was and continues to be a good...
bitcoin forks

Episode 64 – Bitcoin forks and current bitcoin news with Vivek Raj

It seems like forks are all the rage nowadays—that is if you follow bitcoin.  A few months ago, we experienced the Bitcoin Cash...
social safety net

Episode 63 – Replacing the social safety net

Libertarians often get criticized for not describing a system or society with an explicit social safety net.  People argue that it is the...
private courts

Episode 57 – Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin and state courts vs private courts

Boxing is typically more of a fringe sport compared to the most popular American sports, but that does not mean that huge amounts...