Required Reading


This is a short, but excellent read.  As always, Sowell does a great job putting counter-intuitive economic thought into plain English and dispels the myth of “Trickle Down Economics”.

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“Trickle Down Theory”. It has worked for more than 80 years in the “statists” favor. Again, a propoganda technique to make the statist appear more compassionate than the Conservative. Sounds pretty simple to me: the less I’m taxed, the more investments and risks I will make with the little more income I happily have.


[…] might remember Slappy Jones linking an article by Thomas Sowell discussing the myth that trickle down economics is actually a legitimate….  I thought Angelo would discuss something similar, but instead he took it in an entirely […]


[…] lately we’ve gotten quite a few hits to the Required Reading post linking Thomas Sowell’s article on the myth of trickle down economics.  The reason I linked the article is because Sowell does such a great job and anything I would […]