Pino DiMeo is a Philadelphia pizzeria anti-tax hero

Pino DiMeo IRS

It’s funny what the state considers a crime sometimes.  Keeping your own money and making sure that your employees get to keep their own money is considered “fraud” in their eyes.  Giuseppe “Pino” DiMeo, co-owner of Pizzeria DiMeo’s and Ardé Osteria in the Philadelphia area, is finding out the hard way that the state does not believe that he actually owns his own businesses.

According to Julie Shaw of,

DiMeo, of Montgomery County, is accused of skimming cash from four restaurants — the DiMeo Pizza Kitchen restaurants formerly at 701 E. Cathedral Road in the Andorra Shopping Center and the one in Conshohocken; DiMeo Pizza Kitchen in Wilmington; and the former Allegro Pizza on Monument Road in Philadelphia’s River Park neighborhood — and paying many of his employees under the table from 2008 to 2012, while failing to tell his accountant or the IRS about it, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia said.

Notice the language that Shaw uses.  She referred to what he did as “skimming off the top” as if to try to paint him as some sort of bad guy.  Is he a crook like Shaw implies?  Of course, he isn’t.  Pino DiMeo was simply protecting his employees from the greedy claws of the government.

I don’t think that hiding his money from the IRS makes DiMeo a criminal.  I think that makes Pino DiMeo a hero.  But in the perverted paradigm of the state, heroes are often cast out of “respectable” society.  How dare he not play by the rules.  How dare he help his employees provide for their families instead of sate the appetite of the IRS.

So just remember, while Pino DiMeo caused no harm to anyone by not alerting his babysitter—er, I mean, the government—of the money his businesses made, the government will do its best to lock him in a cage for many years while also forcing him to send them his money.  So who’s the victim here?

If we are to claim to live in a civilized world, Pino DiMeo and his employees should be able to keep their money and not deal with being molested by those who want to take it without his permission.

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