I got a strange letter from my internet service provider


I got a strange letter from my internet service provider today. It told me that due to a change in their policy, they are going to make modifications on the way I can use the internet. That’s not exactly the weirdest thing in the world—businesses make changes in their policies all the time.

As I continued to read, I found out that they were not going to inform me of the changes in the policy until a few days later. Furthermore, as of the creation of the letter, they would retain my subscription for an indefinite amount of time.

I was getting pretty nervous, until I asked myself the following questions:

Why would a company want to control what I can see and what I can do on the internet? Why would a company not want me to know how they were going to treat me until after they locked me into their service? Why would a company not let me cancel my subscription to ensure that they were the only business I could patronize?

The answer is obvious: they have my best interest in mind.

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I can’t tell if this is real or just a metaphor. Either way, it’s effective.