Trump Won, Now What?


Over the past 2 days we’ve all seen some of our Democrat friends on Facebook post deep thoughtful statements about the future of our country, angry rants against Trump and the “idiots” who voted for Hitler, and hysterics about “not feeling safe in my own country”.  It’s actually been pretty absurd. “RIP Science”, “I don’t know what my LGBT friends are going to do now”, “Goodbye my Muslim friends” are just a few of the many posts on my feed right now.  Did it bother you at all that Obama trashed Trump the past few months, then gracefully shook his hand and encouraged him today?  It almost seemed like Obama was welcoming Trump into the club….The club we’ll never be in.  I have an idea for all you people upset with Trump, you can either sit back and live under his “Nazi” laws for the next four years or you can check out volutaryism!

A few years ago if I said something like “The problem with gun control is that the government could turn their guns on us and we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves.  Having weapons keeps the government from using their on us” I was laughed at by my liberal family and friends.  “Haha, you’re crazy, the government would never do that.  It’s the voice of the people!” they”d say.  Well now those same people are saying they don’t feel safe in their own country because of who the people selected for president.  Yes, I know, many are probably using hyperbole, but they’re the ones saying they fear their safety.

I’ve heard “It’s the end of Science!” Oh, its so scary! Now that a new president will be in charge all scientific advances will be stopped.  Maybe we should just get the government out of science, that way we don’t have to worry if the man in charge changes.  The scientists will have control of science!

“I feel terrible for all my LGBT, Muslim, Mexican, and and other minority friends”.  If Trump wants to pass laws getting rid of your friends, just nullify them!  Google “Nullification”, and tell your friends about it so they’re prepared when the laws are passed.  It worked pretty well against the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.  If laws are passed, but no one enforces them, then it doesn’t really matter what the law says.  Think for yourself, do what is right, google the non-aggression principle, don’t just take orders.

If you think that no one should initiate aggression against innocent people or steal their stuff, then join us!  If you’re still enamored with tyranny of the majority and you’re content voting really hard next election, then that’s on you.  But remember, only you can improve your life, don’t look to Washington.  Washington doesn’t really care about you anyway.  Besides, if you can get past the “R” next to Donald Trump’s name, I have a feeling Republicans are going to be more upset with him than the Democrats are in four years. Nothing he campaigned on, at least nothing major, will actually happen.  It’ll all be a continuation of the last several presidencies.  So don’t feel so low, free your mind and join us!  You’ll feel a lot better when you’re in control, not some clown in Washington!

If you want to get started, check out Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson”.  It is the book that first got me interested in economics.  With a good foundation, you’ll never lose a debate again!