Let’s send Bill Kristol to Iraq so he can see his handiwork!


Bill Kristol took to Twitter the other day to pontificate about his world view and to double down on his favorite thing in the world, war:

The world order of the past 70 years has been good for US & world. Maintaining it will require more American leadership not less.

The war in Iraq was right and necessary, and we won it.

Like Robert Kagan argued very poorly in his book, The World America Made, Kristol seems to think that all of the good in the world is due to the United States’ “involvement” abroad and anything that bad happens because it is not “involved” enough.  But of course, “being involved” actually means occupying foreign lands, enforcing embargoes, sending drone strikes, etc.  The term “blowback” simply does not exist to neocons like Kristol.

So if Kristol truly believes that US foreign policy and specifically the war in Iraq have been good, then he absolutely owes it to himself to visit the outcome of what he advocates so hard for.  I set up a Go Fund Me campaign: let’s send Bill Kristol on a vacation to Iraq!

But alas, we all know that he would never take us up on that (and I’m not sure I would want to financially support anything that he ever did), let’s do the next best thing and donate all of the funds that are collected to what amounts to hemlock Kristol: Antiwar.com.  They do incredible work neutralizing arguments that people like Bill Kristol make and bring us the stories of what actually is going on.

So if you have a few bucks to spare, please consider giving.  And be sure to share!

Link to the Go Fund Me campaign.


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