Are You Sure You Support Democracy?


I’ve heard certain people argue lately that the electoral college is antiquated and it needs to go.  “Don’t you think if a majority of voters select a candidate, that candidate should win?” Many average Americans think more democracy is a good solution to our problems.  I guess that sounds reasonable on the surface, but are you sure you want the views of the majority forced on everyone?

Tonight I was watching a few minutes of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business.  He was talking about immigration in light of the recent knife attack by a Somali immigrant at The Ohio State University.  He had a guest on his show, Bill Gavin, a former FBI assistant director of the NY field office.  Gavin had this to say:

They (the people in the current administration) don’t understand what the goal of the Radical Islamic Terrorist is.  I saw just recently one individual who was in a Scandinavian country, and I can’t say that he was radical, but he was a Muslim, and he said, ‘Look, here’s what we can do; you invite us into your country, you bring us into your country under an immigration program. We will come, we’ll have 4 wives, 5 wives, 25 children, 50 children, and sooner or later we will vote you out of your own country, and that’s our goal. Simple!’

Gavin wasn’t very specific with who allegedly said this, only that it was a Muslim and it was said in a Scandinavian country.  I think it’s likely that he is just using scare tactics to get people behind Trump and encourage Trump to follow through on some of his immigration campaign promises.  However, he did supervise the investigation of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, so its reasonable to believe he’s knowledgeable on the topic.   I also left out what he said prior to this where he made it clear he was not talking about all Muslim immigrants, just the few who want to do harm to Westerners.

His xenophobia is evident, but I found it more interesting that the most “terrifying” thing these immigrants will do is vote!  Gavin was wearing an American flag pin during the interview. While he didn’t mention the legitimacy of voting, I think it is safe to assume he supports the system we have for electing our officials.  It’s awfully ironic that participating in the system that most Americans think is fair, is the scariest part of immigration.  I was always taught voting is what makes this county great.  I guess that’s only as long as people who think like us are in the majority!

It’s time to move past democracy.  Without this system, it really wouldn’t matter if Muslims outnumbered Christians.  We’d all be able to live the way we want in the communities we want and follow rules we voluntarily agree to follow.  We all know right from wrong.  We, including Muslims, all want to be safe in our homes and in our neighborhoods.  Violence isn’t the only deterrence.  We can solve our problems voluntarily without using guns to force our view on our neighbors and live peacefully together.


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