The irony of James Woods supporting Mexican voter ID cards

Mexican voter ID

The lack of a functional ideology or philosophical base will often put you at risk for severe cases of cognitive dissonance, contradictions, and the like.  It is made more severe by having a goal of proving your political opponents wrong as opposed to pursuing truth and having concerns for personal intellectual honesty.  A good example of this is a recent tweet by James Woods where he laments the fact that the government south of the border requires citizens to produce a Mexican voter ID card in order to vote while the United States has no such program.

Woods said:

A free federally issued #VoterID would protect election integrity.  No one single #Democrat supports it.  No one.  Why?

The tweet features a picture of this Mexican voter ID card with the following caption:


Let’s get into the mind of someone like James Woods.  Presumably a program like this would prevent a lot of voter fraud, which includes practices such as votes from dead people and votes from non-citizen immigrants, which of course includes Mexicans.  The claim is that many of these illegal voters are also illegal immigrants.  Since the Democrats are the people who usually support this type of fraud to amass votes to help them carry out their agenda, it would follow that the illegal immigrant population represents a threat to grow big government (as if Republicans aren’t just as responsible for that).  So to push tighter control on voting oversight dovetails nicely with the desire to have better control over the borders as a way to nip the problem in the bud.

So if people like Woods are concerned about big government coming from Mexico, why would they literally advocate bringing big government from Mexico?  A federal ID is big government 101.  It creates another layer of state control over each and every adult individual and is yet another way to make someone a criminal for a completely nonviolent offense if he or she chooses not to comply.

And it doesn’t even make sense if you’re trying to be practical.  There are plenty of situations (private included) where a person must show some sort of ID.  People usually don’t create new forms of ID cards for each of these situations.  If you really needed people to produce some form of ID to vote, why not use things like driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc.?  Only a bloated, inefficient government would think the solution should be solved by yet another redundant program.

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