Episode 70 – News cycle panic and control

news cycle panic

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We had some audio issues, which is why it sounds odd and seems to cut out at some points.  We now know how to get around this issue, so it won’t happen anymore.

Breaking news!

No, not really, but those are probably the two most-used words by the media today.  The news cycle has become ridiculous.  We’re all supposed to panic and worry about whatever the latest story of the week or month is.  Remember all of those diseases that were going to kill all of us?  There was the West Nile virus, swine flu, bird flu, and Ebola.  Remember the panic about Y2K?  What a disappointment.

And then every once in awhile, there’s a panic over which country is going to hit the United States with a nuclear bomb.  It usually switches between North Korea and Iran.  Ironic that they’ll cover that to death but they’ll rarely if at all cover the warmongering of the United States and its allies.

Donald Trump’s latest tweet is always the worst one yet.

It’s all about that news cycle.  It’s the news cycle that controls what everyone thinks and talks about.

It seemed like the no one would ever stop talking about the NFL and kneeling during the national anthem.  But the sexual harassment coverage made that swiftly take a back seat.  There were a couple of shootings that were supposed to result in serious gun control measures.  And then there was a Republican tax plan that was put out that was supposed to literally kill poor people.  But if that weren’t enough, the end of Net Neutrality was supposed to literally kill the internet (and probably more poor people too).

Let’s not act like the news cycle panicking is restricted to one side of the normal left-right paradigm.  Both sides have their days in the sun and are each annoying in their own special ways.

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