Episode 72 – Angela Keaton on the crisis in Yemen and antiwar strategies

Angela Keaton Yemen

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We argue that there is nothing more important than fighting to end wars.  We brought Angela Keaton to talk about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  Saudi Arabia, backed explicitly by the United States, is starving the people of Yemen to death with a blockade and fighting a war against them.  It is an absolute disaster—a completely unnecessary disaster.  Yemen is a very poor country and the actions by the United States and Saudi Arabia are devastating the people.  Disease, including a cholera epidemic, is ravaging the people.

It is shocking, appalling, and sickening.  But most people don’t care.  Most people don’t even know where Yemen is.  People may even defend the United States’ participation.  This needs to change.  Keaton also discusses some strategies for antiwar libertarians to employ to try to make a difference no matter how small.

Angela Keaton is the executive director of Antiwar.com and a board member of The Libertarian Institute.  She is not only consistently antiwar but also consistently resistant to the state and its violence.  She does hugely important work to help the most helpless and vulnerable people in the world, so please consider a donation to Antiwar.com.  If you do not have the ability to support her work financially, please read and share the content that she and the people she works with produce.

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