Episode 74 – Is it okay to enjoy American culture? with Car Camp It

American culture

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As libertarians, we often put pressure on ourselves to disassociate from any and all government institutions and programs.  That’s a generally healthy position, but sometimes we’re tempted to reject things simply associated with statism that cause no harm themselves.  The United States government does a lot of terrible things, so it ought to be rejected, but what distinctions should we make between the American government and America itself?

Car Camp It joins us this episode to talk about whether or not it’s okay to like being an American and enjoy the American culture.  Should libertarians reject Americana?  Is it okay to take pride on your culture and where you’re from?  Or should we focus on scrapping the whole idea of America (culture and government) and seek to make a fresh start.

Car helps us think these and some other ideas through in what we think will be a fun listen.

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