Episode 75 – Should libertarians support the Basic Income Guarantee?

basic income guarantee

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Universal basic income (UBI) or Basic Income Guarantee has some surprising allies: libertarians.  Libertarian supporters of a Basic Income Guarantee are quick to point to some apparently pragmatic defenses of such a program and criticize the libertarian “purists” who dig their heels into the ground to stand against it.  An article written by Matt Zwolinski on Libertarianism.org supporting a Basic Income Guarantee has been making the rounds recently and has reopened the debate.

He makes the following three arguments in support of his claim:

  1. “A Basic Income Guarantee would be much better than the current welfare state.”
  2. “A Basic Income Guarantee might be required on libertarian grounds as reparation for past injustice.”
  3. “A Basic Income Guarantee might be required to meet the basic needs of the poor.”

Does Zwolinski make a compelling case or should libertarians be resistant to such proposals?  Rollo and Slappy discuss Zwolinski’s article in this week’s episode.

Article discussed: The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income
Universal basic income defense by AlterNet.org’s Lynn Stuart Parramore misses some basic points

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