Required Reading: Congressional Candidate Praises Hitler’s Economics, “from the biplane to the rocket”. Is He Wrong?

Arthur Jones Hitler

As much as I complain about Twitter, I’ve met some great people there.  One of these people I’d like to introduce you to is Birdarchist, who just joined Steemit and penned a great piece about congressional candidate Arthur Jones actually praising Hitler.  Birdarchist fires back with an excellent rebuttal.

Adolf Hitler is widely considered the most evil person in the history of the world, but some people find ways to compliment him.  It’s a sort of cheekiness reserved for the completely historically and economically ignorant.  But if you think about it, a lot of these people almost have to compliment Hitler’s “leadership” and “economic advancements” because the policy of so many politicians and bureaucrats today is the same as Hitler’s minus the painfully obvious mass murder.

Check out Birdarchist’s piece and make sure to follow him on Steemit!

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